Sconsify 0.3.0 release candidate 1:

  • Remove track from playlist: dd (it doesn’t save the change to spotify playlist).

  • Remove playlist from playlists view: dd (it doesn’t save the change to spotify playlist).

  • Remove all tracks from playlist: D (it doesn’t save the change to spotify playlist).

  • Preferred bitrate -preferred-bitrate=96k, 160k, 320k.

  • Search function using spotify web-api instead of libspotify sdk.

  • Press to load option in the search to load more results.

  • Search fields: album, artist or track. Examples:

    artist:the beatles
    track:let it be
  • Interprocess commands using sconsify -command <command>. Available commands: replay, play_pause, next. For instance my i3 config file has this configuration so I can use keyboard buttons to replay, play/pause and go to the next track:
    bindsym XF86AudioPrev exec sconsify -command replay
    bindsym XF86AudioPlay exec sconsify -command play_pause
    bindsym XF86AudioNext exec sconsify -command next
  • Experimental use of spotify web-api to have access to saved albums, saved songs and new releases. It needs a web autentication to get an access token valid for 1 hour. After 1 hour it won’t be able to access the web-api anymore and there’s no way to refresh the token, only quiting and opening the application again. Pass -web-api flag to use it.

Release page.